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Outdoor LED Screens & Outdoor LED Displays Products

Outdoor LED Screens & Outdoor LED Displays ProductsIn any case, the use of digital video outdoor LED screens from Vegas LED Screens signifies a brand new stage of development in the area of outdoor advertising. A number of articles have already discussed the strengths of presenting information on LED (Light Emitting Diode) monitors versus the static outdoor stands.

It is not worthwhile repeating, therefore, by this overview and based on a successful example of Las Vegas Nevada, one of the top marketing cities at the USA which has more than 300 LED screens around it, this is the success in a small USA city, but the most spectacular one in all America. Vegas LED Screens can help you determine and develop your outdoor LED screen project and boost up sales through visual and effective marketing and publicity.

Full Color Outdoor LED Screen Types and Models

Our full color outdoor LED screens can be divided into two types of groups, which are:

  1. Integrated 3in1 SMD LED chips based outdoor LED screens
  2. Dip LED Chips (Oval LED Chips) based outdoor LED screens

Outdoor LED Screen 3in1 SMD Specifications

Below you can find the technical specification of the integrated 3in1 SMD LED chips used for outdoor LED screens.

  P8 3in1 SMD P10 3in1 SMD P12 3in1 SMD P16 3in1 SMD
Pixel Pitch8mm10mm12.5mm16mm
LED BrandEpistar LED ChipsEpistar LED ChipsEpistar LED ChipsEpistar LED Chips
Maximum Brightness> 7,000 cd/m²> 6,500 cd/m²> 6,500 cd/m²> 6,000 cd/m²
Pixel Configuration1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B
Pixel Density15,625 Pixels/m²10,000 Pixels/m²6,400 Pixels/m²3,906 Pixels/m²
Best Viewing Distance8m ~ >400m
(26ft ~ >1300ft)
10m ~ >400m
(32ft ~ >1300ft)
11m ~ >400m
(36ft ~ >1300ft)
12m ~ >400m
(39ft ~ >1300ft)

Outdoor LED Screen Dimensions

The size of the outdoor LED screen displays and LED signs are very important to know to determine the resolution per square meter we have to set for the screen. This is to avoid low quality video with very little detail or a very high quality video that is not necessary (in some cases it depends on the customer´s project type). The variable that decides the LED screen resolution per square meter is called the pixel pitch, which tells us the distance between the LED´s in millimeters. The shorter the distance of the LED´s, the higher the screen resolution per square meter, and a greater distance, the resolution will be less.