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Stadium Screens & Sports Displays

The stadium screens and sports displays are masters in showing publicity and game scores. With a public of a complete stadium plus that the games are showed on television the quality has to be superb. Our in-stadium LED advertising is powered by the famous outdoor LED sports displays which uses 3in1 LED technology to improve the horizontal viewing angle to more than 160 degrees. With such a super wide viewing angle it increases the amount of spectators, and also multiple advertisements that can be showed at once.

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Sport Perimeter LED Displays

Sport Perimeter LED displays also called perimeter advertising boards are giant banner displays that are very wide in width and short in height. The perimeter advertising boards are e ective and show continuous advertising messages on the LED displays across the entire perimeter of a sport field inside a stadium. Our sport perimeter LED displays and LED screens for football stadiums are convenient to install and dissasemble. With external signal and power sockets our sport perimeter LED displays also include interlocking systems.

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Stadium Perimeter LED Screen Cabinet Sketch

  1. Adjustable Bracket
  2. Horizontal Positioning Pair - "S" Locks
  3. Handle Pair
  4. Air Vent Pair
  5. Waterproof Plug Pair - Signal
  6. Waterproof Plug Pair - Power
  7. Cabinet Locks
  8. Soft Protective Headgear
  9. LED Module with Soft Protective Shader

Sport perimeter LED screens and LED displays are also called sport perimeter advertising boards. They are mainly used in advertising around the stadium through the LED screen control system software. The perimeter advertising boards are effective and show continuous advertising messages on the LED screens and LED displays across the entire perimeter of a sport field inside a stadium.

As this field around the display uses 3 in 1 SMD technology, it has a very sharp images and unrivaled viewing angles of over 160 degrees. so it can used for both indoor and outdoor sports field, such as the football field, basket ball court, baseball court and so on.

Vegas LED Screens sport perimeter led displays solution provides it's clients another application choice by some enhancement design. As the bracket can be adjusted together with the LED cabinet, so it can also use as a normal standard LED screen application, and also as a base of sport perimeter led displays, Vegas LED Screens has developed multifunctional LED screens and LED display, it can cover all of your request for your LED display applications.


Connection map for perimeter LED screens and perimeter advertising boards.

We would like to recommend some specifications of the perimeter LED displays and perimeter advertising boards which are used for stadium applications. Except P20mm SMD sport perimeter led displays, we also recommend P16 SMD sport perimeter led display and our P10mm multi-functional led display. They all are very good solutions, besides that, 16mm and 20mm DIP virtual full color sport perimeter led display can meet the request of some budget limited clients well.

If you want to learn more about these perimeter led display solutions, please let us know and we will make you a more detailed solution and recommendation.